Favignana is an island of the Aegean archipelago (Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo) and is located about nine miles west of Trapani, and a coastline of 33 km of jagged rocks and full of cavities and caves. In ancient times the name was Favignana Aegusa word meaning butterfly given the shape of the island. The current name comes from Zephyr which is the name of a warm wind from the west that determines the very mild climate. The maximum altitude of the island is Mount St. Catherine, of 314 meters. On the southern side are the beautiful islands Galera and Galeotta.


Marettimo broke away from the mainland several millennia before the other two islands. The result is that there are several endemic plants, such as cabbage and fennel Egadi Boccone, a shrub that grows on the cliffs around the traffic light. Worth noting the different caves, accessible only by sea; karst phenomena; the seabed some of which are part of the nature reserve of the Egadi. The highest point is Monte Falcone (686 m). The island is crossed by various paths.



A paradise untouched by high and steep coasts overlooking a clear blue sea of incredible colors. At the port of Cala Dogana, which like the whole village, is placed in a natural cove south of the island, dock several times daily hydrofoils and ferries from Trapani. A Levanzo forget the car: the island you can go on foot or by bicycle, crossing the main road that cuts north to south, or entering the country.

Many beautiful coves and bays. Also, of great interest is the visit to the “Grotta del Genovese” famous for evidence of prehistoric art of the Paleolithic period – with graffiti deer, bovine and equine – and those of the Neolithic period, with painted figures among which is a tuna, protagonist always of economic activities of the Egad Islands.



A pearl that emerges from the clear and beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Pantelleria is a volcanic island located between Sicily and Africa, a lovely gem will enchant every visitor to the extraordinary beauty of its landscapes and the peculiarities of its traditions.

Just 50 kilometers from the African coast and about 70 km from the Sicilian Island Pantelleriaè also known as the Black Pearl of the Mediterranean because of the lava: it is the emerged part of a volcano, whose last eruption events back about 9,000 years ago and the last major seismic events are dated to the late 1800s.


has a wonderful climate all year round. A dazzling light and its colors, the blue of the sea, the yellow of the houses, the white of the boats, the red of the earth. A show with its buildings on blue water. Its splendid backdrops offer dive sites of great interest, also due to the presence of underwater caves, coral reefs, wrecks (of ships and airplanes) and an extraordinary presence of marine life. Sea to be experienced also with boat trips along the coasts of the islands of the archipelago to admire them from a more marine perspective, among inlets and caves. Maltese cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean flavors with influences that move between Italy and Turkey. Visit the fish market of Marsaxlokk, the refined clubs of Valletta, a reggae music festival organized, in the summer, on the beach, the island is a real amusement park, where those who want to have fun have only the embarrassment of choice!



The Eolien Islands: a still fishy and clean sea, grottos and towering cliffs, stacks and beaches with fine black sand, sulfur and mountains of whitish pumice and all the charm of the island's environments. Summers mitigated by the sea breeze. In spring, the vegetation that covers the fertile islands is an explosion of colors and scents. The Eolie Islands are another world compared to the stressed and stressed cities, to the worries of traffic, to the routine of pollution. A magnificent destination for your sailing holidays in Italy. The Eolie Islands and the sailboat are a dream, with the black beaches of Vulcano, the white beaches of Lipari and the warm colors of Panarea evenings.


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