If during the rental of the boat you want to get off the ground, and use a scooter for a few days, Freewaves can arrange the trip for you and your friends. Ask prices and conditions. Can you organize, without using the boat, a trip of exploration of the coast and the interior, with cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and various other means fun (quad or similar). Propose your trip and let you know the conditions and prices.


Some suggested itineraries will be at your disposal.

And ‘the beautiful blue waters of the sea, so you can snorkel trips tours organized by freewaves, on request. If you have a diving license we we can arrange contact for diving with authorized associations.


Freewaves also organizes trips for fishing, with your equipment or rental, always respecting the rules and areas where it is allowed.


Glide by the wind with a kyte in the stagnant ahead to the legendary island of Mozia: excursions organized in KYTE and stays in rooms and youth facilities near the sea.